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The E.T.s (Eternal Temples) are a Colorado based band with roots of Reggae, Rock, Spacefunk and Jam. Currently on tour and working on their 3rd album

The E.T.s were first created in 2014. (Previously known as 'The Emerald Thadlanteans'. Also known as The Eternal Tempos, The E.T.s have been gigging throughout CO since 2014. Made up of three core members, the band was founded by Jordan White and Alexander Buxton. Jordan and Alex are co-song writers for the band. Lyrics are written by Jordan White (previously of The Thaddeus White Trio). Garrett Buxton(GBUX) joined the band bringing his classic rock and hip-hop influences into the mix. Garrett plays keyboards and is the DJ for the band. The E.T.s regularly play with different guest musician drummers but typically play as a trio. All members are originally from Colorado Springs, CO.

The E.T.s are a Colorado based band with a passion for music, love and life. The E.T.s have won multiple awards including 2016 Best Original Band/Artist in CO Springs. They were also awarded the Akademia Award for Best Album for their release 'Ready For Harvest'. Members include singer/songwriter and guitarist Jordan White// bass player-Alex Buxton and DJ/Keyboard player Garrett Buxton. Bringing a unique style of their own mixing 60's and 70's style Rock with a futuristic psychedelic wave. Every show is a different adventure always leaving the audience with a smile. With musical backgrounds of reggae, rock, funk, blues, hip hop and classical The E.T.s are sure to make for a night full of boogying down. The band has recorded two full length albums-the 2014 release 'Still Growing' and the 2015 award winning release 'Ready For Harvest'.

Artists We Like: Prince, Cream, Daft Punk, Jimi Hendrix, CCR, Radiohead, Michael Jackson, Primus, Rage Against The Machine, Deep Purple, Tool, Rusted Root, The Beastie Boys, Seu Jorge, Sublime, David Bowie, Theivary Corporation, DMB, Incubus

Influences: Countless Musicians
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