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Gipsy Moon is a five-piece string group of wandering artists on an endless journey toward good times and raw expression.

With music as their caravan, strings as their weapon and the horizon as their aim, this unconventional band is not one to be missed. Their sound, often referred to as Gipsygrass, is something like a backwoods hoedown meets the smoking basement of a New York jazz club. Their soothing harmonies, raging solos and dirt encrusted bass lines bring an old time style into an exciting new dimension; one that hippies and poets, lovers and dancers, freaks and families alike can all come together and move in ways that their bodies have never known.

The members, made up of Silas Herman (guitar/mandolin), David Matters (banjo/vocals/guitar), Mackenzie Paige (guitar/vocals/tenor guitar/washboard), Collin Huff (bass/vocals/guitar) and Andrew Conley (Cello) all take rest in the windy mountains of Nederland Colorado. When they are not on the move you can find them here, forming cantos high up in the Rockies, making herbal concoctions out of the local flora or sharing a glistening jug of homebrew around a blazing campfire. This is but a small glimpse into the source of their musical inspiration. The content of most of their lyrics is a tasteful blend of nature based love songs, anti-establishment sing-alongs and down home simplicity with a gentle kiss of civil disobedience. They create music that is meant to plant inspiration in the soul and start a fire in the heart. They perform with the intention to build community and to invoke love in its wildest manifestation. They travel in order to experience life to its fullest and to build bridges that connect the frayed ends of the crumbling establishment to a new and beautiful way of existence. If one should ever come upon an opportunity to see Gipsy Moon, whether on the stage, in the woods or even sleeping in your backyard, they should be pleased at prospect of kicking off their shoes, smiling to the heavens and getting down and dirty to some rowdy ass picking.
Music is the easiest method of meditation. Whosoever can let himself dissolve into music has no need to seek anything else to dissolve into. (Osho)

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