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Jesse R.S. is a Denver-based rock 'n roll band. With an energetic style, storytelling songwriting, and an impressive rhythm section, they create funk and folk-infused rock music that is eclectic and exciting. The four-piece band, comprised of Jesse Sowards (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Sean Kiefer (drums), Justin Woods (bass, upright bass), Chris Whiteley (winds, keyboard, ukulele, percussion) have been making sweet music together since their inception in 2014.

In their first year, Jesse R.S. hit over 10,000 views on YouTube with their debut music video 'Play,' and followed up with two more video releases for 'Number' and 'At My Feet.' Their album Drinkers & Jokers (2014) received acclaim, and was promoted through a tour both nationally and internationally. By 2015, Jesse R.S. had earned a reputation for being a group who could hold their own off and on the stage. In 2017, the band released three more videos - 'Gettin' Down,' 'Baby Drink,' and 'What We Want' - the title track of their upcoming album.

Jesse R.S.'s Fall 2017 album What We Want is the culmination of three years' writing, recording, and performing. The 11-track album, which was recorded at Evergroove Studio, is a colorful collection of brand new and re-arranged tunes. What We Want speaks of drinking and love, but delves into deeper topics such as race, religion, and unity. The album incorporates a bevy of instruments, including: saxophone(s), upright bass, ukulele, penny whistle, clarinet, steel pan, and many more. Each tune is unique in style and content, ranging from electrifying funk-rock, to New Orleans Dixie, to Caribbean-style jam. The title track 'What We Want' is a hopeful ballad that has a vulnerable quality, making the album as a whole more than just a 'good-timey' collection.

Jesse R.S. are reimagining rock without even trying to: through the exploration of unconventional sounds not normally heard in rock 'n roll, their music challenges the notion of genres and sound categorization. Jesse R.S. pay homage to individual members' influences such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and Dave Matthews Band, while staying true to their own sound.

During their live performances, Jesse R.S.'s music comes to life, with full-color productions, heavy improvisations, and energetic storytelling. Band member Chris Whiteley can often be seen with 17 different instruments, such as the: flute, trumpet, two keyboards, shakers, and four different saxophones - just to name a few. Through synced-up visuals and elaborate stage setups, Jesse R.S. are able to share their stories, while inciting the urge for audience members to get up and dance. Combining both well-known original songs, as well as a few classic rock, jam, and even 80's covers, their live shows feel familiar and invigorating at the same time.

Jesse R.S. have performed at venues such as Summit Music Hall and Bluebird Theater, and have played at festivals such as Backwoods Music Festival, Higher Ground Music Festival, and Underground Music Showcase (2014, 2015, 2016). With the approach of their upcoming album What We Want, the band is set to perform even more throughout the Colorado region, and beyond.

Influences: The Temptations, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band

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