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LEE & Co. is a rock band from Denver, Colorado playing...
'The Music from the beginning of Rock'N'Roll'
Rockabilly & Old Time.
Lee Craig Hauenstein
is a singer, guitar player and band leader. Like many of his generation, The Beatles television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show captured his imagination and his pre-teen heart. His love of music first lead him to sing with the chorus in his home town of Zion, Illinois. He also played the trumpet and the drums in the school band first playing before trying the guitar which he has still never put down!

He was in several high school groups and had a bit of success with The Soul System which was a biracial, 10 piece soul group that played around The Chicagoland area for a few years. The Soul System had a horn section and three singers. Lee Moved to Denver in the late 1970's and played in a folk/rock group called Harmony Wheel.Soon, he became more interested in New Wave Rock'N'Roll and formed The Trouble Boys. The Trouble Boys soon turned into The AstroBeats which played for several years.

He now leads Lee & Co. playing Rockabilly and old time rock'n'roll. Lee has a casual entertaining style and engages with the audience throughout his shows. He likes to share tidbits about music history relevant to the music he is playing. He has been a professional musician for over 40 years and always behaves in a very professional manner. He can play any length show from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
LEE & Co. is a rock band from Denver, Colorado playing...
'The Music from the beginning of Rock'N'Roll'
Rockabilly & Old Time Rock'N'Roll is highlighted with 3 part harmonies and very musical instrumental backing.
Lee & Co. can play up to 4 sets of upbeat rock'n'roll. All equipment is included with a performance.
Also, for different types of settings,
Lee & Co. is adaptable as a quartet, trio or duo.
LEE & Co. plays music that is simple and easy to understand. Even very young kids that have attended our shows dance to the beat of this music.

Lee Hauenstein

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Artists We Like: Buddy Holly
Elvis Presley
Carl Perkins
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Creedence Clearwater Revival

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