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Front-woman Steph Jay, also with Wasteland Hop and The MurderARRR'S, brings heart and incredible talent to the mic everytime she sings. Also on the banjo and guitar, Steph's amazing range drips with intense emotion while her lyrics stir with thought-provoking content.

Brian Miller, formerly with Shooting Down Satellites, brings in the low-end on the Bass. Each line complementing the guitar while giving Left On Laurel it's groovy backbone. Brian's lighthearted presence makes both rehearsal and performance the fun experience it was originally intended to be.

Eric Pierce, aka baby arms, sits high on his throne behind the drums. Also formerly with Shooting Down Satellites, Eric's solid ability to bang the buckets while tossing in tasteful grooves and fills gives Left On Laurel it's edge. In the early days of forming, it was a toss up whether or not to have a full time drummer. When Eric came in to play, it was decided immediately to keep him around.

Guitarist Andy Fenton, formerly with EchoMask and The Parker James Project, keeps the classic country vibes alive while sneaking in progressive rock phrases. Thoughtful verses accompany solid chorus lines while progressive instrumentals meet emotion-leaden solos.

Left On Laurel had one goal in mind while forming. Create original music that is 100% fun to play and equally fun to listen to. So many of us have been caught up in the relentless and exhausting politics of musicianship, having little to do with the music itself. While these negative experiences have ruined many great bands, it has only emboldened the members of Left On Laurel to keep it fun and positive.
From idea to realization, Left On Laurel has quickly come to stand out as a fresh new local sound with tunes to make even the shyest soul to jump up and dance.

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