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Liz Cooper & The Stampede is a folk, psychedelic rock band based out of Nashville, TN.

'It started with golf clubs and country clubs, but now it's all rock clubs,' Liz says, giggling. She spent the majority of her life developing her golf skills, only to drop her college scholarship to move to Nashville and pursue music. 'Writing songs and playing the guitar came as naturally to me as golf did. But music tickled my brain in a way nothing else ever could.'

But, Liz didn't know a soul in Nashville when she moved. So, she went and got a job at a familiar place: a country club. 'Liz may not have known anyone when she moved here,' says the Stampede low-end provider Grant. 'But now, I feel like she knows pretty much every person she walks past. She just doesn't stop smiling, and people don't stop smiling back.' Coincidentally--or not so coincidentally cuz, well, Nashville--some fellow co-workers at the country club also had a band. They called themselves Future Thieves, and they offered to record Liz's first EP, Monsters. After that, Liz began writing songs as frequently as she smiles. She formed a band with Ky Baker on drums and Grant Prettyman on the weird long guitar, and they recorded the Live at the Silent Planet EP. And now, there's enough new songs to record a full-length album.'The record we're working on now is a combination of Liz's darkly-lit, reclusive songwriting habits, and Grant and I's Rolling Rock induced rock and roll' chimes Ky. 'It's about bringing our different styles together to create something that makes us all question what kind of music we even like anyways.'


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