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Michael Hornbuckle Band is a blues/rock/soul outfit lead by driven guitar and dynamic vocals & groove fronted by Michael Hornbuckle out of Denver CO Bio: 'KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!'- One of the few things Denver blues guitar legend Bobby Hornbuckle could be heard uttering to his two teenage sons Brian & Michael back when the boys were cutting their teeth with their father on stage as his back up band. Seems harsh, but he was trying to impress upon them the intimate subtleties of the blues - the age-old wisdom that less is more. Job well done Bobby. In 1996 Bobby 'went home.' Michael put down the sticks and inherited his dad's Gibson; perhaps a piece of Bobby's soul and his ability to play guitar came along with it. The brothers went to work releasing their 1st CD, 'Pass The Torch' in 98'. That same year the brothers were commissioned by local morning airwave legends, Lewis & Floorwax, to help form a band with other local talent. The following month Michael and Brian were warming up the Doobie Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This high-profile gig opened doors to many large local and national shows, including the likes of The Allman Brothers, Ted Nugent, Joe Walsh, Gov't Mule, Styx, Bad Company, Z.Z. Top, B.B. King, Def Leppard, Lynard Skynard, James Brown and list goes on. In 2001 Brian left the Mile High City for Hollywood and spent time recording and playing bass for California bands and T.V. shows such as 'The Bachelor.' He was sought by platinum-selling recording artist Uncle Cracker for various dates around the U.S. In 2005, Michael released his solo album, 'Lost & Found By Trial & Error,' taking the opportunity to tap into and refine a songwriting ability that is ever-evolving and truly unique, yet holds true to his simple blues roots. But true roots are in the blood and something was missing? There was something special in that harmonious brotherly pocket and groove that was molded in a family trio years prior. This was something that their fans continuously urged them to recapture, and that's what they'd do. 2012. Michael is now in L.A. and invited Brian out to do another album. Universal Music producer Alex 'Ace' Baker and Michael had been writing songs for the record in between doing soundtrack session work for Universal. Brian was the keystone to the record's completion. 'Virtue & Vice' was released Sep. 2013 and was immediately embraced by their fans, raved about as a soulful ride through the good, bad, & the ugly. Their music indeed delivers those intimate subtleties and nuiances passed down by their father. Thriving again, Denvers' '1st Family Of The Blues' now commence joyfully to the next chapter of thus a 20-year long run. Refocussed, respected & reunited, these are exciting times for the Brothers. Professionalism, work ethic and dedication are the principles that the brothers diligently adhere to so that they may continue playing for their faithful and growing audience. Michael Hornbuckle guitar & vocals, Brian Hornbuckle bass & vocals, Lance Crane drums, Ace Baker Keys

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Saturday, July 7, 2018 at Avogadro's Number
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