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'Fiercely passionate frontman, one for the ages' - LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC
'uncanny magic' - POPDOSE
'truly captivates audiences every time' - BROADWAYWORLD

Remember Jones is a one-of-a-kind soul/pop singer, storyteller and bandleader with a throwback vibe and authentic energy that bring audiences to another time and place. Collaboratively supported by a double-digit sized band centrally from Asbury Park, NJ where they have a stronghold on it's large, thriving music scene, he has packed popular venues such as THE STONE PONY, ASBURY LANES, THE SAINT, CONVENTION HALL and THE PARAMOUNT THEATRE. He has been awarded TOP VOCALIST in the Asbury Park Music Awards, directed and debuted as HEDWIG in HEDWIG IN THE ANGRY INCH for Asbury Park's first long-running theatrical production, and has produced, music directed, and supported many local acts, rock musicals, and touring bands (most recently a string of sold-out dates with Buster Poindexter).

The band's DEBUT ALBUM, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones!', available via CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and other outlets, was created after raising close to $19,000 through nearly 300 small donations via Indiegogo, and created in front of a live studio audience with a 25-piece band. It was released in May 2016 at Asbury Park's Convention Hall, the first independent local band to play this venue in many, many years. POPDOSE calls the album '...uncanny magic... remarkable vocalist... Remember Jones is heading for big things.'

He fronts a tribute project 'back to BACK TO BLACK', a recreation of the entire AMY WINEHOUSE album with an orchestra of 15-25 musicians that has SOLD-OUT 3 times in Asbury Park, as well as a tour of the show packing venues in Brooklyn, Detroit, Louisville, Nashville, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and more, including a sold-out show at LINCOLN HALL in Chicago that was streamed live by AUDIOTREE. He has SOLD-OUT a theater re-creation of JOE COCKER's MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN with a 20-piece band and was the first ever to present and sing R. KELLY's TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET LIVE alongside a 20-piece orchestra. His work with GRAMMY-nominated guitar legend and songwriter GARY LUCAS will lead to upcoming recordings of unreleased JEFF BUCKLEY material, following a successful string of dates recreating the entire GRACE album in July 2016 (Lucas co-wrote 'Grace' and 'Mojo Pin'). A recording session with Daytrotter was released in February 2017.

Audiences throughout the East Coast have jumped to their feet for Remember Jones' tribute to JOE COCKER for the past 6 years as part of Glen Burtnik's SUMMER OF LOVE EXPERIENCE TOUR, selling out 1000+ seat venues: THE COUNT BASIE THEATRE (Red Bank, NJ), MAJESTIC THEATER (Gettysburg, PA),THEATRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (Patchogue, NY), INFINITY HALL (Norfolk, CT), EMENS AUDITORIUM AT BALL STATE (Muncie, Indiana), SHEA CENTER FOR THE ARTS (William Patterson University), THE STATE THEATRE (New Brunswick, NJ), and many more, with the show touring the midwest and more in 2016-7. As a member of other projects and theatrical events, he has played to rousing audiences in live music venues from WEBSTER HALL in NYC, WORLD CAFE LIVE in Philadelphia, SCHUBAS in Chicago, and more.

Whether you see him fronting a piano, a 4-piece band, or a soul orchestra of 25, Remember evokes the energy of the great front men and women, with one of a kind song styling ('the vocal child of Tom Jones and Patti LaBelle', says award-winning singer/songwriter Glen Burtnik) and expert storytelling that keep audiences on their toes and emotions in the moment.

'Fiercely passionate frontman... one for the ages... holds the audience in the palm of his hand...' - Live For Live Music
'...remarkable vocalist... uncanny magic... Remember Jones is heading for big things.' - Popdose
'...truly captivates audiences every time he performs...' -
'New Jersey's most ambitious song interpreter...' - Jay Lustig, NJArts
'Anna Mae Bullock took the stage as Tina Turner, Farrokh Bulsara began performing as Freddie Mercury, Stefani Germanotta adopted her Lady Gaga persona... Like those artists, Remember Jones isn't just a singer. He's a showman.' - The Star Ledger
'Soul sensation Remember Jones is an expert at making the past present, bringing history to life with soulful sound and funky fury.' - Alex Biese, The Asbury Park Press
'a hunk of id who resembles a cross between Adam Lambert and Noel Coward' - Chris Jordan, The Asbury Park Press
'This man could literally sing the alphabet and give it a different spin.' - New Jersey Isn't Boring
'...rock and roll power vocalist... sits somewhere in between Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens' - John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly
'...simply amazing...' - Rock Chicago Magazine
'...consistently entices...' - Chicago Reader
'...powerhouse soul singer...' - American Songwriter Magazine

'...the vocal love-child of Tom Jones and Patti LaBelle... Remember Jones is a gifted, talented, hard working, inspired powerhouse who always - every show I've seen him do - brings the audience to it's feet with his intense, exhilarating performances. I'm not kidding. You wait and see.' - Glen Burtnik, Billboard chart singer/songwriter, acclaimed musician

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