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The Savage Blush is a rock and roll band hailing from Colorado. A dirty reverberated mix of, Psychedelic, Surf, and Garage rock elements. Imagine Link Wray, Grace Slick, The Seeds, Buddy Holly, and Billy Childish making some strange musical baby in a basement bathtub.

Rebecca Williams says of the first album released late 2014;
'It was a a very hazy, delirious process. I want that to come through in the recordings and writing. A very honest, heartfelt, raw expression of my thoughts and feeling of the time. The album name means 'four before meridian'. Latin for four a.m, which is around the time most of the album was written. I was like a crazy person writing all of the time. I was running on little to no sleep, not really seeing people, going to bed when the sun was rising and up again a couple of hours later because I couldn't shut off what was going on inside of my head. Waking with the song I was working on before I went to sleep playing over and over in my head. I wanted this feeling to manifest itself in this album.'

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