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Slyjax is a three-piece group that combines rock, blues, jazz, and folk to create engaging, melody driven songs.

Formerly known as 'Sean and the Hallucinations', Slyjax is the result of years of experimentation, trial, and error. Sean Prahinski began performing as a one-man-band under the moniker 'Sean and the Hallucinations' in 2010 and continued between his other projects. After their previous project, 'Honeytree Whiskey', concluded, Sean and Jordan Lerner began to focus on writing and building a new band. After multiple years of searching, they found their final member, drummer Steve Venable. In 2018 they changed their name to 'Slyjax' and began recording their debut EP.

Slyjax focuses on melody driven music that moves fluidly between funk, blues, folk, jazz, and rock.

Their debut EP is scheduled to be released in mid-2018.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018 at SKEYE Brewing