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Simple, barefoot folk rock with roots in Austin, TX.

It is on the front porch that faces into the South wind of a Texas summer where the music of Staci Foster truly belongs. Writing songs for years and finding inspiration in her travels, Staci has finally settled long enough to record her first full length album, Summertime, which serves as a soundtrack to any soft evening on a front porch. The album is long awaited and follows in the singer-songwriting spirit/tradition of many female artists such as Lucinda Williams, Terri Hendix ...Some songs, like 'These Days' and 'Gypsy Hop' have been in Foster's repertoire for years, yet were never recorded until now. While other songs like 'Wait, Wait, Wait' 'Stepping Stone' and 'Mother' deliver folky melodies blended with charming and blossoming harmonies. At times the album is reminiscent of an early 60's country and yet would equally fit in on an evening at the Kerrville Folk Festival, where she is known to be playing around the campfires.

Since her official 2012 debut, Summertime, Staci has lined up shows in Austin and the surrounding hill country area attracting an audience reflective of her colorful persona and songwriting artists alike. Keep an ear out for this Texas native as her music takes off with the release of Summertime.

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