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Colorado based live hip-hop band consisting of fresh grooves and thought provoking lyrics with style. Influences of hip-hop, reggae, funk, and rock

The band was born when Sam Mouton and Jesse Neth began writing and creating hip-hop music in high school. They branched from local hip-hop collective, Def Rhymes Divine, and began focusing on acoustic hip-hop music; Sam on guitar/vocals, and Jesse on vocals. Percussionist, Jonah Greene, was added to the crew, which created a rhythm section with djembe, bongos, and hand percussion, later moving to play full set with the group. Meanwhile, Jarod Ford and Forrester Tamkun were writing and creating funkedelic rock music with local band Eye Above, although short lived, the influence of driving psychedelic riffs was carried into Write Minded. Wilson Slaughter was producing electronic instrumental hip-hop and was the last addition needed to complete the lineup. Everything done by him, from tasty key licks to chord progressions that ensnare the mind, is a huge part of the bands current sound.
It all took form when these six musicians from three separate groups got together in hopes of putting together a set for a show with the Dirty Heads. The show ended up falling through, but what formed out of the experience was way more valuable. They continued practicing and developing a unique sound. Only weeks later they shared the stage with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at The Aggie and were invited to participate in the Colorado Showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas. With multiple cars full of instruments, the band headed to Texas and played a set at the 512 in Downtown Austin. They were then offered another set the next day at the last minute. This was the trip that would solidify the groups' friendship and propel the band with exceptional speed to play on the main stage at New West Fest within months, just hours before Steve Miller Band played the same stage. The Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX), another local music festival, was soon to follow.
Within one year of getting together, the band has recorded a 4-song demo, and is currently in the process of mixing and mastering a full-length album, recorded at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins. The album is planned to be released summer of 2016, with a tour to follow.

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